Herbs vs Drugs for Mental Health – Which is better?

Herbs vs Drugs for Mental Health


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Which is better, drugs or herbs for mental health? Some see massive improvements in mental health with SSRI’s whereas others get worse.

They feel more depressed, even suicidal. So let’s see how antidepressants actually work. SSRI’s prevent the reuptake of Serotonin into the presynaptic neuron so that these neurons can actually fire across the neurosynaptic cleft to relieve depression or anxiety.

Does it fill up the tank?

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Drugs are usually a single component and they patented. Sometimes more than one ingredient, like an antihypertensive and a diuretic together. Herbs on the other hand, are so different. They have many components let’s look at an apple it contains vitamins, pectin, malic acid, fiber, etc. Herbs have alkaloids and terpenoids and many active components.

As a matter of fact, a lot of drugs have been actually developed from plant sources like caffeine – that is used for migraines, comes from the cocoa bean.

Codeine is for pain, comes from the opium poppy. Aspirin comes from the willow bark. Digitalis which is used to slow the heart rate comes from foxglove.

So filling up the tank or making more neurotransmitters needs specific amino acids, vitamins, minerals, herbs, phytotherapy, to get more neurotransmitters in the brain to assist with mental health.

So definitely have a look at the research on lemon balm which is also known as Melissa Officialis, which was shown to be equivalent to fluoxetine, and without the side effects of insomnia, headaches and anxiety and increased appetite which you often see with SSRI’s.

Lavender is has been shown to be as effective and more better tolerated than paroxetine.

So one size does not fit all. You can measure neurotransmitters and work with a qualified integrative health expert to tailor the right fit for you, whether it be drugs or herbs or nutrients.

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Herbs vs Drugs for Mental Health

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